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A Tradition of Excellence

A 2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Special Announcements
January Newsletter 2018 Christmas always seems to come and go so quickly. I hope you all had a beautiful holiday surrounded by family and friends. I was so happy to see all my friends our first day back! Everyone adjusted so quickly I am so proud of them!

Snowmen…skaters and snowflakes will soon be adorning your walls. Our science experiment this month will be to watch snowflakes crystallize before our very eyes. We will explore the animals of the Arctic and Antarctica in the later part of January.

Another exciting event which starts in January is “Adventures with Benjamin the Bear.” Much like “Show and Tell” each child will have the chance to take Benjamin home (on a weekend) with his suitcase and have their own special time with him. Take pictures of your child with Benjamin and write a line or two about the adventure. I will include last year’s book in the suitcase so that you can see the format. Please return Benjamin and the book on Monday so that we can share your child’s adventures with the class. Two pages have been allotted for each child.

We will also start show and tell this month. When it is your child’s turn for show and tell they will come home with the green show and tell bag. Please have your child choose one thing they would like to share with the class. Please make sure they can talk about the item and answer questions from their classmates.

As the temperatures drop and we get more snow please send your child to school with a warm jacket… hat and gloves in case we go outside. I am also asking for your assistance in bundling up your children at dismissal time. Happy New Year!!!!