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March Newsletter 2018

March, this year, can’t make up it’s mind. Is it a lamb or a lion. It gives us a chance to talk about weather…the wind the clouds and the rain.

This month we start off with Fairy tales and Nursery rhymes. The children including me have a lot of fun with this theme. It must be the princess dress-ups and castles, knights and dragons! We will be writing our own fairy tale, illustrating it and having a book signing when it is all done. You will all be invited to meet the knights and princesses and witness our knighting ceremony.

Next we go right into St. Patrick’s Day…Leprechauns and Shamrocks will be adorning your walls. I will be asking each child to create their own Leprechaun trap to try and catch that tricky fellow. This will be done at home. Allow them to be as creative as they want. Make use of things from around the house and don’t forget that green…gold…and rainbows seem to attract the wee one. The traps will be due Wednesday March 14th. Friday March 16th will be our Leprechaun Hunt and our celebration.

Our letters this month are "Ss", "Tt" and "Uu". We continue to practice forming the letters and improving our vocabulary!

Mrs. Tracy