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October Newsletter Can you believe it is already October! The children are settling in nicely to the routine in the classroom. They understand circle time…take their jobs very seriously... make me proud when they walk in the hallways of the big school and they have some of the best Spanish accents I have heard. We are working on cleaning up, sharing toys and personal space at the macaroni table. With apple picking, apple tarts, and “Apples Up on Top” finished we move on to the month of October. As you know Transportation has been the topic for the first week of October. We learned all about the parts of planes and took a simulated flight in the classroom. Next up was trains. Check out our freight trains in the classroom! Our final form of transportation was boats. Ask your child what buoyancy means we did a science experiment with items that sink or float. We made sail boats out of juice boxes and sailed them in basins of water. Next up is Fire Prevention. We will paint fire trucks at the easel and learn how important it is to have a fire escape plan at home and at school. We will have some of our first homework which will be to create a map of your own escape route at home, instructions to follow. We are planning on a visit from the Rumson Fire Department with the big red fire truck on Thursday October 11th. It is an exciting day!

The number of the month is the number one “1”. The letters of the month are “Dd” and “Ee.” As we learn each new letter I encourage the children to practice here in school at the art table. Additional practice at home would be beneficial as well.

As we creep closer to Halloween black bats…pumpkins and skeletons will be adorning your walls and tables. You will understand why I asked for socks and knee highs in September!!

Our Halloween celebration will take place on Wednesday October 31st and I will post a sign -up sheet for party items the week before. I will also need 2 volunteers as well as the class moms to help with party set up and games in the classroom. Your child should dress in costume on that day. The school policy is no masks no weapons. We don’t want to frighten the little ones.

Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns Check the Holy Cross website for my calendar on line. We have a wonderful, creative group of children this year. I can’t wait to see where their imaginations take us. Mrs. Jennifer Tracy