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A 2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

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April Newsletter

Happy Spring! March was filled with so many interesting things. I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday. Did those caterpillars turn into butterflies? As promised, we are getting ready for an authentic African excursion. We will learn about the Serengeti and the plants and animals that inhabit that wonderful continent. We'll discuss habitats and routines of hippos, giraffes, and elephants. We'll make our very own passports, cameras and binoulars...and embark on a special African Safari. If anyone has been on an actual safari, we'd welcome any pictures, souvenirs, etc. Any "animal" snacks would be greatly appreciated. The remaining days of April will be directed toward all our Mom's...and getting ready for MOTHER'S DAY TEA. Don't forget - your special day is Monday May 7th. Get your fancy dresses ready and brush up on your "tea etiquette." Wednesday May 2nd will be our cleaning day... we are having a party and must get our room ready. On that day, I'd like to ask for each child to bring a cleaning supply (sponges, clorox wipes, cleaning spray, Mr. clean erasers, etc.)...anything that would help make the room extra special for you! Also - Don't forget that FATHER'S FIELD DAY is Thursday May 24th, and our GRADUATION and final day of preschool is Wednesday June 8th. "Children are likely to live-up to what you believe about them." Have a warm and sunny April!