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A 2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

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February Newsletter

We certainly had a fun-filled January. I hope you enjoyed color month, and I thank-you for all the support. The special snacks were wonderful and appreciated. Didn’t the children amaze you with all the information about black and white animals? They are truly awesome.

Our Valentine Party will be Wednesday February 14th. Along with learning about our heart, we will be doing something very special for the day. We are planning a Valentine Cookie/Treat Exchange. We would like you to make one cookie/treat for each of our friends plus the teachers (16 treats.) It would be very helpful if each cookie was in a baggie to keep it germfree. Also, PLEASE don’t write any names on the bags-it makes it very difficult for our assembly line. Your child may sign a card to put in the bag, but no names on the outside to the other classmates. Each of us will have a decorated treat bag to bring home. I recognize this isn’t very healthy, but I explain to my friends to put the baggies in the freezer and take one out for each night’s dessert! Party sign-up will be on the cubbies.

Since February is National Dental Health month, we’ll talk about caring for our teeth, going to the dentist, and what foods help your teeth stay healthy. We’ll do a science experiment and learn about taste buds and a healthy mouth. We’re also having a very special guest..Dr. Bruno (Catherine and Olivia's Mom from 5/Day) is coming to talk about taking care of our teeth and our beautiful SMILES.

Preschool is having our own Winter Olympics Wednesday February 21st. We’ll march down the hall to the gym waving our American flag, then participate in several winter events. Will we bring home the gold?

Gung Hay Fat Choy! At the end of the month, we’ll learn about the country of China and celebrate Chinese New Year. We’ll paint masks, learn a special song, and even do our part to build The Great Wall. My friends will get a chance to explore our cultural differences..along with sampling some new foods. Throughout this Year of the Dog, I wish you health and happiness.

I’m thankful each day for the blessings I see, and for all of the gifts that are given to me. Enjoy and cherish this time with your special gifts-your children!