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A Tradition of Excellence

A 2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing everyone a year filled with happiness, peace, good health, lots of learning and FUN! As we kick off the new year we will continue to work on our reading/reading readiness skills. it is always great idea to expose your child to as much literature as possible. take them to the library, look a book up online, read signs in the grocery store- the wonderful world of words is all around us! Sight words are also a good thing to practice. In math we are starting to explore greater than, less than and equal to. this will lead the way for addition and subtraction skills. math is a skill they will use for the rest of their lives. Mindfulness is something that i have been working on with the class since September. the world is swirling around and our children are expected to do so much. In order to help them navigate this quick paced life, i am hoping they can learn how to quiet their minds and enjoy each moment as it comes. i have some websites listed below that help with all the areas i just mentioned.

Some websites to explore- Go Noodle a big fan favorite with the class. they love the singing and dancing. it has been great for indoor recess days or just to get them moving.

Sight word games