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A Tradition of Excellence

A 2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Yearboook 2016

2015-16 Yearbook

Personal page photos due DUE:09/16/2015

Personal Page Requirements

* 25 digital photos

* .jpg format only

* Saved on USB drive or CDROM only

*High resolution only 200-300dpi

most i-pad photos have resolution that is too low to have large on your page

*Submit to you Homeroom Teacher Mrs. Tomaino will be in to upload them and teach you how to make the page the week of September 23.

How to log on to yearbook online

Click link:

User name: hcs + first intital + lastname 

         ex--> hcsmtomaino

Password: hcsyearbook16

You should work on it at home with your parents and get their appoval and feedback on photod used