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World Religions

World Religions

World Religions

"God accepts people of every nation who worship God and act justly" -Visions Magazine

Learning goal is to compare the dominant world religions' moral beliefs to Christian moral beliefs. The students should be able to identify basic Christian teachings and discuss and present the relationships between world religions.


Assignment 1: Generate a Creditable List of... (Individual 4/group)

Top 7 World Religions


Assignment 2: Research 3 facts for each of Top 6 World Religions (Individual 4/group)

use the link WIKIPEDIA

Keep track of these facts on the web we created on the back of your top religions list


Assigning Groups and Roles:

I will assign you a role in that group by picking cards:

Ace= Leader helps keep the group goal focused and communicates to me, and S/he also makes sure that all members of the group have an opportunity to participate, learn and have the respect of their team members. The leader may also want to check to make sure that all of the group members have mastered the learning points of a group exercise and give me a feedback list

King= Scribe picks and maintains the group computer files on a daily basis and keeps records of all group activities including the material contributed by each group member. The recorder writes out the solutions to problems for the group to use as notes or to submit to the instructor. The recorder may also prepare presentation materials when the group makes oral presentations to the class

Queen= Reporter gives oral responses to the class about the group's activities or conclusions

Jack= Checker of time, project requirements also makes sure that the group's work area is left the way it was found and acts as a timekeeper for timed activities. Holds and maintains the groups folders, papers and research. Puts the chairs back at the end of the lesson.

NOTE: TYPING WILL BE ALTERNATED EACH DAY. King should not always have to type.

To hear ourselves and each other lets practice using '12-inch voices' during group work .


Assignment 3: You were assigned a group and a religion to research. (Group Work 1/group)

Identify its major moral codes and facts that all who follow that faith follow use:


Type this moral code on a new page of your word document


Assignment 4: Religious Symbol (Group Work 1/group)

Research a commonly used symbol of that religion and paste it into the background of your word document

1) Symbols

2) Garb a) Follower & b) Priest

3) Where they worship, what is it called

- I require a caption for each picture you use.


Assignment 5: Fundamental Church Teaching (Group Work 1/group)

In 1-2 Sentences describe their fundamental Church Teaching

Type this moral code on your word document

  Assignments 1-5 should be on a one page word document.


Assignment 6:

Faith Calendar or Timeline - If you were practicing this faith what would a day, week, and a year schedule of religious beliefs be? Creat a Table, calandar, timeline form- or graphic




Morning Prayer

Prayer Before Meals

Evening Prayer


Confession on Saturday

Mass on Sunday







Assignment 7: Venn Diagram (Individual 4/group)

Let's compare their beliefs with our own.

Draw a Venn Diagram which compares and contrasts 3-5 similarities and differences

Be ready to discuss these relationships with your group tomorrow.


Assignment 8: Closure Assignment Requirements (Group Work 1/group)

I) Build a 5 minute PowerPoint Presentation with a minimum of 5 slides

II) Create a new religious law that would meet both religions' beliefs

III) Note: Each member will present a segment of the presentation

And ONE of the options listed below:

- Demonstrate a ritual

- Create a realistic dance (if relevant)

- Digital Music and Photo slide show

- Bring in traditional food dish, and a symbolic representation such as: statue, cross etc...

 Ex--> Video which explains the symbols of Passover