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St. Paul's Journey


How far is Holy Cross School from Jerusalem, Israel?

Next, let's find the modern city's name of each of the ancient towns St. Paul traveled to. 

Write that modern name next to the ancient city's name on the first/second column of the wkst.

To Complete the First Column

Identify the cities that St. Paul Traveled to…
Use the mordern cities where St. Paul traveled to journal Webquest:

Option 1

Option 2

To Complete the Second Column

Identify this city’s present day location and plot on the map on the back of WKST…
Use Google Maps for location and distance and

To Complete the First Thrid Use the Bible

Identify if St. Paul corresponded to this city and community
Cite the name of the people who lived there.
Use the Bible start at page: 1207 of our classes' New American Bible

Video Timeline of St. Paul's Journies Map/Timeline of Paul's Missionary Journeys

Comprehension Questions:

  1. What year did Jesus die?
  2. In what city and country did St. Paul raise money for Jerusalem?
  3. In what city and country did St. Paul write the first Letter to the Corinthians?
  4. In what city and country did St. Paul write the second Letter to the Corinthians?
  5. Did St. Paul ever return to Corinth?
  6. Where was St. Paul arrested and by who's aurthority?
  7. How long did it take to rebuild the ship?
  8. To what city did St. Paul write to from prison?
  9. What year did St. Paul die?


GOAL: Write a friendly letter following the format that St. Paul used to a community that is about the same distance from where we live that it was from where St. Paul was from.

A) The format of the letter should be like an epistal in that it writes to a coummunity that it is in spiritual trouble and leads them back to the Faith. 

---> 3 Paragraphs-    Para 1- Greeting    Para 2- Identify the problem and your faith filled solution    Para 3 What would Jesus tell the community to do?

B) The topic should be a current event about your US city. Use Google News

C) The city should be about the same distance as one of St. Paul's communities use  Google Maps distance calculator to figure out the distance from Rumson.

US distances from Rumson.ex--> Orlando Florida is about 1,136 mi from Rumson, NJ. Which is like St. Paul writting to the Phillippians in Macedonia The current event that I would like to respond to is: 'First Ever National Bullying Conference Begins' I will remind that community about how I have been taught to handle bulling, reassure them that we all struggle with bulling, and what guidance Jeses can provide.