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St Francis

Name: _____________________ Date: __________
St. Francis
1.    What was his father's profession?

2.    Did Francis have good friends? If so how do you know and list their names.

3.    Why does Francis refrain from killing the deer?

4.    Did Francis ever go to war? What happened to him there?

5.    Who did he meet in prison? How did this change him?

6.    What was the first act of Charity that Francis did?

7.    Through the movie Francis says, " The sky holds up the earth." What does he mean by that?

8.    What role to the lepers play in St. Francis' spiritual conversion?

9.    What did St. Francis start? Who joined him?

10.    At one point in Francis explains, " Suffering is the only thing we can offer to God." Does this notion accurately capture his true out look?

11.    How does the movie portray the relationship of Clare and Francis?