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Saint Report Requirements

Saint Report

The custom of choosing a new name and being called by that name during the anointing at Confirmation stems from the biblical tradition of a change of name, indicating a new or renewed commitment to God. The taking of a Confirmation name is also part of that tradition. Begin some research of the lives of the saints, to discover the men and women with spiritual gifts that you would like to have. The saints who have gone before us are models in Christian living and can be advocates for us in heaven. Whether you use your baptismal name or choose a new one, it is important to learn as much as you can about the saint whose name you will take. Don’t pick a name just because it sounds good or because it is popular. After all, you are asking this saint to be your friend and advocate for the rest of your life.
Please read and follow ALL INSTRUCTIONS very carefully!


  • Your report should be at least a page but could be a little longer depending on the amount of information you have found. Quality NOT quantity!
  • You report must be NEAT and TYPEWRITTEN. If you do not properly complete this assignment you will be asked to do it again.
  • The internet is a valuable resource. However, copying information directly from your “internet resource” (cut and paste) is unacceptable and will have to be resubmitted!

OPENING PARAGRAPH: (Background information) briefly mention when and where your saint was born, family life, important things they accomplished, were they martyred, when did they die, are there any miracles attributed to your saint, what are they patron of, what is their feast day?
Middle paragraphs: Please try to answer as many of these questions as possible.

  • How did your saint’s FAITH help them during adversity?
  • How, when and why did your saint PRAY?
  • How did they LOVE others?
  • When and /or why was your saint HAPPY?
  • How did your saint handle the ups and downs of their life?
  • Is there an example of your saints using any of the Gifts of the Spirit?
  • What VIRTUES did they practice and what Virtues did they struggle with?
  • Are there any examples of your saint performing the Works of Mercy, Beatitudes, of keeping any of the Commandments or the Law of Love?
  • How important were receiving the Sacraments (very importantly – the Eucharist) to your saint?

CLOSING paragraph/summary:

  • Why did you choose this saint?
  • What did you admire most about your saint?
  • What do you and your saint have in common?
  • How are you and your saint different?
  • What has your saint taught you?
  • How will you try to be like your saint?


  • At the bottom of your report include a list of resources or bibliography.
  • Include a Cover with an ICON of your saint or you can hand illustrate it.