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Respect Life


Grade 8 Respect Life Sunday Curriculum

Title: Abortion Solutions
Description: During this activity, you will research action steps that you can do to stop abortions. You will present these solutions to the your group.

  1. You will be assigned a topic.
  2. You will use this website and its links to research 3 facts on your topic to present to your group.
  3. HW Print photo for poster that relates to the topic assigned to you, Type and Print a textbox caption to accompany the photo- include your name.

From 1973 -2005, more than 45 million legal abortions have occurred.  Each year, about 2 out of every 100 women ages 15 - 44 have an abortion.  Sometimes it seems that nothing we can do will help to solve the problem of abortion.  But there is something you can do! We all need to work together to put a stop to abortions.  In The Gospel of Life Pope John Paul II tells us to "Respect, love and promote life."  How can we do this?

The efforts to stop abortion will come from 4 areas. Read through the 4 efforts and choose one to complete for your Abortion Solution Project.

1.  Education - Whether educating young people or adults, allot of people are misinformed.  If you choose this option you will present the class with a poster that explains some aspect of abortion and why it is wrong.  You may use a variety of media to explain your message (i.e.  pictures, words, stories etc.) Get a poster board from your teacher and start researching topics.  Your educational poster should focus on one aspect of teaching about life and the truth about abortion.  Link to these websites and decide on a topic for your poster:

2.  Care for Babies and Mothers - Babies need special things - things like diapers, clothes, bottles, formula, cribs and blankets to name a few.  Mothers need things too - They need good food, a place to live and sometimes they need help in raising a baby.  They both need good medical care.  If you choose this option you will create a poster advertising a fundraiser or baby item collection activity. Check your church to find out if they have a baby item collection or use the links below to find out if their is a pregnancy help center near you.

Think of how you want to help babies and mothers.  Raise money? Collect baby items - whatever you choose make sure your event includes Who the items will go to. What the event is about. Where and When it will happen.  (note - this project is about  the ideas but it might be fun to have the class follow through on one of these ideas and really do it!)

  3.  Public Policy Our law makers decide on what laws we have.  Our President, Governor, Senators, and Representatives represent us and we need to let them know how we feel about certain laws.  One way to let them know, is by writing letters and having lots of people sign the letter.  A petition is a request to change some thing - like a law!  If you choose this option you will write a letter to a government official telling them how you would like to see a change in the laws that allow abortion.  Decide who you want to write (The President, Senator, Governor, Representative, State Officials or even your local mayor) Check out the New Jersey Catholic Conference to find out who your legislators are.

Search for: Jane Roe's prolife commercialon

Check out the sample letter to legislators found on the New Jersey Right to Life site. Get others to sign your letter for bigger impact.  This is idea is just for your project, but ask your teacher if you can send the letter off as a class when the project is done!

For more information check out the Youth Page on:

4. Prayer and Worship   Prayer is the foundation of all we do in the defense of human life.  Only with prayer - prayer that storms the heavens for justice and mercy... will end the culture of death ... and  be replaced with a culture of life If you choose this option you will create prayer cards and hand them out to everyone in your class.  Using a blank piece of paper divide it into 4 sections.  On one side write out 4 different prayers on the other side create 4 different original works of art.  Ask your teacher if you can have the prayers copied (using front and back) and copy enough for your whole class, school or distribute them at Mass! Here is how your can write a prayer.


Step 1 - Address it to God

Start off the prayer by addressing it to God, and saying something about what God is like or what God has done.

You might start by saying God, you are... or Dear God, you do... or Almighty God, you have done...

Step 2 - ask for something

Next, we ask God to do something. Perhaps it might be to change us to make us care more, or perhaps it might be about something that’s going on in school or the world.

You might continue so God, please...

Step 3 - say why you are asking for this

Continue by giving a reason for why you are asking, or what you want to happen.

so that...

Step 4 - ending the prayer

End the prayer, perhaps using a traditional ending, and finish with ‘Amen’.


Our textbook, Faith First, Link to Chapter Reviews

To read basic versions of old testament bible stories navigate to the link below: