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Confirmation Textbook: Anointed by the Spirit

Notetaking Questions Posted below. Copy and Paste them into MSOneNote

Name: ________________________________________________________
Read all of CH 1 it should ake you about 7mins then complete the following questions
1.    What is the title of the chapter?
a.    ______________________________________________________________
2.    We are _________________ to:
a.    Have an _____________________________ with God
b.    Be _____________________________ of Jesus
c.    Continue the ________________________ of Jesus Christ
d.    Serve the _______________________
e.    Be __________-makers
f.    ______________________ others when they wrong us
g.    ___________________ relationships with people who are angry with us
h.    Love like ________________________ did


Read CH2 & 3:
3.    What is the title of the chapter 2?
a.    ______________________________________________________________
4.    What is the title of the chapter 3?
a.    ______________________________________________________________
5.    The candidates _________________ and profess _____________________.
6.    What should you think about when you stand and profess your faith?___________________________________________________________
7.    During Baptism you became a ________________ of God.
8.    Who claimed you at Baptism? ________________________
9.    You became part of the _____________________ family here at Holy Cross Church.
10.    What color will your robes be? _________________ and _________________
11.    The ___________ color stands for______________________________________.
12.    This color symbolizes which sacrament? __________________.

Read CH 4:

  1. What is the title of the chapter?


  1. What does the bishop do as an outward sign of you receiving the Holy Spirit?


  1. This is called the ______________ on of ________________.
  2. You should think about the power each person has in their hands. List some things we do as Catholics to help others with our hands.



  1. The ________________ of the Holy _____________.  Should strengthen your hands to be able to help others with the power of your _____________________.
  2. Who and in what way do we 'touch' other people in our lives?



  1. How many people do you think you will reach out and touch, inspire and help during your lifetime as a Catholic?
  2. _____________________________________
  3. Who do you hope to reach out to as a young adult?  __________________________________
  4. An adult _________________________ An Older Member of the Community ________________.