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A Tradition of Excellence

A 2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
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Curriculum & Syllabus

Science Explorer: Physical & Life Science by: Prentice Hall

Discovery Science Techbook Online Science Series and & Discovery Streaming

At Holy Cross School...
Students will be prompted to question, investigate, explore and hypothesize. The process of experimentation and process skills are stressed as an integral part of science instruction. Lab activities may include the construction of models and/or the use of manipulative, interactive and physical materials. Emphasis is placed on the application of the scientific method and laboratory skills. Content areas include: laboratory techniques, dissection techniques, cell and life processes, animal phyla, plant structures and function, human body, heredity, environmental, science, and technology and society.

Physical & Life Science Syllabus
Teacher's email:
Website for Class: exp lep/program_page.html
St. Albert the Great: Room 8B Science Lab

Office Hours and Help
I can only help if you ASK! Don't be afraid - come talk to me at the right
times. I am usually in my room at 7:00-8:15 am Lunch and 2:00-3:15 pm.
Drop-in anytime! Science Help on Thursdays

Classroom's Rules
Be There Be Ready
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Follow Directions
Personal Space

Student's Expectations
Students can expect me to do my best to teach the Diocese Of Trenton Content
Standards for Seventh and Eighth Grade Science. They can expect for me to manage the
classroom environment to provide a safe and comfortable place to learn and
offer extra help.

Science homework is assigned regularly. You will have many different types
of assignments for this class. If you are absent, you may make-up the work
if the absence is excused. It is not the teacher's responsibility to remind
you of your make-up work! A major project will be assigned once per semester
it will be completed in order to receive a passing grade in science. You
will have one night to make up assignment, otherwise you will receive a
graded zero.

Supplies and Notebook
2 Blue/Black, Red Pens, Ruler, Calculator & 2 pencils at all times
You need to keep an organized three subject notebook for this class.
Section 1: lecture/ text notes and homework
Section 2: Laboratory Section
Folder: lab handouts and worksheet in folder

Grading Procedure:

Tests: Typically, a test will be given at the end of each chapter(3/term) &
cumulative final. If you miss a test and your absence is excused, you have
one week outside of class to make it up. Use Transition Word Sheet to
write essays with basic science and technical writing words.

Quizzes: Typically, one quiz will be given for each chapter

Labs: Labs are graded out of a 10 point scale. Most labs CANNOT be made up.
If you miss an experiment, you will have an opportunity to do a 3 page
report on a similar topic.(1/chapter) We will also have at least one formal
lab per term. Follow: Formal Lab Scoring Sheet

Conduct Grade Each semester you earn 5 possible points based on the 5 class
rules. To earn the full 5 points, you must be prepared for class with
homework, and an active participant and follow class rules. See my Classroom
Management Plan for conduct/discipline consequences.

Grading Scale:
Category % of Grade
Test/Projects / Presentations     40%
Quizzes     20%
Labs   20%
Homework   10%
Classroom Conduct 10%

TEXT WEBSITE exp lep/program_page.html