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Final Presentations Acid Rain & Ocean Acidification



Can You Stop Acid Rain or Ocean Acidification?




Content Area Objectives Addressed:


1. Identify acids and bases using the pH scale, link these concepts to preventing acid rain or ocean acidification

2. Effectively present an original solution to acid problem you selected

3. Review peer as a method of presenting research data they should question the validity of reported data using power point or prezi format


1. Successfully log on to the HCS Network.

2. Successfully search the Internet for sites pertaining to an assigned research topic.

3. Successfully import data, photo, and pictures from an Internet site.

4. Successfully save and e-mail, present work in a PowerPoint or Prezi format. (Prezi Site: )

5. Begin to question validity of Internet sites and be able to describe qualities that define a reputable site.



Your Responsibilities


As a group: One unified presentations that follows requirements outlined on word doc. below, a 20 min presentation, participation in class while other groups present.

As an individual: You will choose from the following roles: Biologist, Chemist, Finance Dept., Health Scientist or Environmentalist

I)                      Collect - 7 Facts that relate to your career choice, these facts are cited on your notecards, under each fact cite website you took fact from. Start out by using the resources cited in the wikipeda articlel on ocean acidification -links at the bottom helpful too!!!

You can only use the web resource below.

a.         ---- If you would like to glue printed text or website URL on to your notecard that is fine

II)                    Present your role’s facts during the presentation

III)                  Evaluate your presentation using the rubric attached

IV)                   Evaluate your peer’s presentation (Give both positive and constructive criticism)

Research "Ex--> According to www."
Links Let’s View the E.P.A’s website it has all in the science information you will need for this project.

  1. Use the frame menu on the left side to help you start your research as a
  2. Biologist, Chemist, Finance Dept., Health Scientist or Environmentalist
  4.    (Animation-click kids site)
  5.  ( Play how GREEN is YOUR HOME) 
  6.  ( link to animations and videos)
  7. reports/scivis/winners 2008.jsp  (Cool site for phyto-plankton pics.)
  8. What surfers in the UK think (This is my friend Chris's site)
  9.  ( How does nuclear power work and how we prevent a metel down)

News Article URLS

Acid Rain

  1.  (news article)
  2.    (photos)
  3. 041028 alternative_energy.html  alternative energy page
  4.  flash
  6.   The above site is a picture of what lives in a lake/stream, they are the things killed by change in pH

Ocean Acidification:

Start here: -links at the bottom helpful too!!!



  3. global carbon.htm
  6. Coral Reef Videos: