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PS_8th_CH4_ Elements & PeriodicTable

Your Study Guide is attached to the bottom of this page. You can download it to your computer and use it to take notes from during the chapter. You can print it out and hand write answers in or you can download it and type answers in. Study guide completion is a manditory assignment collected the day of the test.

  Textbook's Review is at the following site:

Periodic Element Song

Lewis Structures Practice Worksheet 1.Fold your notebook in thirds 2.Label the first column: Element Symbol, Atomic Model, Dot Structure 3.Then use the periodic table to: Draw the atomic model, then the Lewis structures for the following elements.

1) P

2) N

3) C

4) O

5) H

6) S

7) He

8) Ne

9) Ar  & Challenge Problem: Draw dot models and thinking of the Octete Rule Decide why they bond: 10) CH 4

Video Notes:Discovery Channel: Elements and Compounds

  1. Who was Madame Curie?
  2. What invention did they discover?
  3. What is Radium?
  4. What is Radium’s atomic number?
  5. Why is it helpful in cancer treatment?
  6. What element besides Radium did they use?
  7. What is a Radioactive element?
  8. Where are Radioactive Elements located?
  9. How are they used in cancer treatment?