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Global Climate Change


Global Climate Change Lessons


What is your Carbon Diet?

Quiz (Turn off Sound)


Submit Results to me with the form below:


Step 1

View animation: warming version2.html


Step 2

This is an awesome webiste.  EXPORE IT FOR A WHILE

Read the following articles at the World Wildlife Federation Webpages.


Click through all the sites and articles:

News Updates, Basics, Policy, Forests Climate, Impacts, Adaptation, What can you do, and Polar Bar.


After purusing all the above sites TRY TO answer the following in your NTBK:

  1. What will happen to the polar bear by 2050?
  2. What have effected habitats?
  3. List the reasons why Slowing Climate Change is now man's problem.
  4. How can we effect the temperture?
  5. What are the gasses that make up our atmosphere?
  6. Why is a bad thing that carbon dioxide does not leave our atmosphere?
  7. What do they compare this atmospheric effect to Hint: Gardening Tool/House?
  8. Click on any link on this site and then write a synoposis on what you saw or read.   

Step 3

Listen to the URL pod-cast

Answer the following in your NTBK:

  1. What are the 5 W's of this pod-cast?
  2. What do you think about their opinion?

Step 4


Find two articles or two websites that state that Global Climate Change is real or explains the process deeper.

Summarize your articles in your NTBK and be prepared to show these articles or sites to a studnent tomorrow.



Step 5

Write a paragraph that relates what you learned through these classes to the movie Frontline Report: Global Warming   facts from the movie are found at:


Step 6

Take Online Quiz: