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LS Chapter 4 Study Guide

Your Study Guide is attached to the bottom of this page. You can download it to your computer and use it to take notes from during the chapter. You can print it out and hand write answers in or you can download it and type answers in. Study guide completion is a manditory assignment collected the day of the test.

Additional Chapter Resources

I) Protein Synthesis- Transcription and Translation

Do you need help undersanding it ?

First Read textbook section 4-4 

Second click on websites below for a visual

Animation overview

Step through animation


Cool Explaination of Protein Synthesis in our body

Cool Animation that won an award:


RNA Cartoon is due. It must be colored and all steps of protein sythesis are listed and explained some where on you poster, If your cartoon does not list the show the steps of protein sythesis then list the real scientific steps on the back of your poster USE STEPS FROM TEXBOOK pg 110-111

II) Website for Meiosis Animation:
Use this website to click through the animation on meiosis, try to relate it to mitosis and write down any similarities and differences you see in your notebook.

Great Animation that compares mitosis and meiosis side by side:  

High School Textbook's Narrative Animation                                     


III) Punnett Square Review

Two Easy Problems:
Show all steps on theme

1) In pea plants, spherical seeds (S) are dominant to dented seeds (s). In a genetic cross of two plants that are heterozygous for the seed shape trait, what percentage of the offspring should have spherical seeds?

2) A man with a widow's peak (WW) marries a woman with a continuous hairline (ww). A widow's peak is dominant over a continuous hairline. What kind of hairline will their children have?

Punnett Square Website
Visit Website below complete #2-5
Show all work in NTBK
Before you click link!
So take your time on it follow all steps given in class.

III) Paper Pet Project
Project Requirements See Handout given in class
Show work for project in NTBK 

Want to know where students lose points on this project?

Not on a half of a poster
Hard to see pedigree lines
No  Phenotypic Genotypic Ratios Written
Boogers could be more colorful
Only one color marker was used on poster
Punnett Squares are too large and unorganized
No title, student name not on it
No names on Boogers, Overall genetic errors
F 1 and F2 are not labeled

IV) Cloning Webquest