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LS Fish and Frog Circulatory Systems

External Features of a Grassfrog    Internal Features of Grassfrog    

Virtual Frog Dissection

Fun Froggy Website Filled with Frog Facts


Step 1: Explore the heart:

How many times does your heart beat in a minute?

How many chambers does your heart have?

Step 2: Relate to Frog

How many times does frog heart beat in a minute?

How many chambers frog heart have?

Step 3: View Disection or


Do you notice any difference in the skin color on the frog's dorsal and ventral sides?

How many openings does the frog have for digestive and reproductive functions>


What letter does the first cut you make in the frog look like?

What is the first system of the body you will see in a frog after the skin?

What is the system that is under that system?