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Skeletal System & Muscular System

The Skeletal System

  • How does our skeletal system help us move?
  • In addition to allowing movement, what else does our skeletal system help us do?
  • What are bones made of?
  • How do bones, ligaments, and cartilage work together?
  • What is the skeletal system and what are its functions?
  • What are joints and what is their role in the skeletal system? Name all the joints.
  • How do the parts of the skeletal system work together?
  • What are bones made of? 

Muscular System

  • What is the function of the muscular system?
  • What are the three types of muscles in the body?
  • What are the roles of each type of muscle?  

Review Concepts

  • What is homeostatis?
  • How is the human body orgaized?


  • Skeleton with common bone names
  • Muscle diagram with common muscule names
  • Draw and differentate between 3 types of muscle cells under magnification