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Mrs. Tracy’s May/ June News Letter


April showers brought some beautiful May flowers…I hope you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day Tea.  The children did a beautiful job creating the pansies on your hats!  The most precious of course are the sweet thoughts and memories they have of you printed on the back of your portrait. 


The next big event is Father’s Field Day on Wednesday May 29th.  Daddies meet us in the gym at 9:30am for fun and games and then a BBQ in our Preschool backyard.  Moms are welcome to take pictures from the sidelines. 


We are doing a project which requires each child bring in a pair of their Daddy’s shoes.  Please send in a pair of shoes that represent your husband’s personality or lifestyle. They will be returned in the same condition.


Our letters for May and June are “Ww”, “Xx”, “Yy” and “Zz.”  Our numbers are 9 and 10.


Graduation is Thursday June 6th at 10:00a.  The children have grown so much physically, mentally and emotionally.  They are smart, curious and caring.  I have enjoyed each and everyone of them and will miss them.  Wow Kindergarten…big step I can’t wait to see them soar!

Thank you parents for a great year, you have all been so generous and involved.

Have a restful summer and cherish the time with your little ones, they grow up too fast!



Mrs. Tracy