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April Newsletter


Happy Spring!  March was a fun filled month.  The Leprechaun Hunt was a great success, and of course, I hope everyone enjoyed our trip to Africa!  Many thanks to “Captain Alice Kantor” for her energizing and fun pilot skills to get us to the Serengeti!

We are dedicating some time right now towards our Mom’s…beginning to get ready for Mother’s Day Tea.  Don’t forget your special day is Tuesday May 7th.  Get your fancy dresses ready and brush up on your “tea etiquette.”  Monday May 6th will be our cleaning day…we are having a party and must get our room party ready.  For that day, I’d like to ask for each child to bring a cleaning supply (sponges, Clorox wipes, cleaning spray, etc.)…anything that would help us make the room extra special for you!

Next, we will be focusing on New Life, flowers, chicks and eggs, and a very special project where we will paint our feet!  The children love it!  We will do this very special Easter project on Thursday April 11th.  I will send a reminder next week.  Our Egg Hunt and celebration will be April 26th

Also don’t forget Father’s Field Day is Tuesday May 28th, and our graduation and final day of preschool is Wednesday June 5th.

Enjoy this new warmer, sunny weather  and Have a wonderful holiday!