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May/June Newsletter

May is beginning..Mother’s Day Tea was a great success and Fathers Field Day is almost here.  The children are always awesome and I really can’t decide which day I like better.  It’s always so much fun to meet the Dad’s-most of whom I never get to see.  But the Tea is very special to me.  Here we are..the last newsletter of the year.  I don’t quite know how to tell you how great this year has been but hopefully, you know how I feel.

We end this month studying insects..especially ants!!  We’ll learn the habitat chambers of an ant colony..and how they live in our world.  We’ll also learn about lady bugs, fire flies, and bees. We’ll collect them all in our custom-made bug jar.

Wear your blue Holy Cross t-shirt to school on Thursday May 23rd.

Father’s Field Day is Tuesday May 28th.

Thursday May 3oth is Beach Day!  Wear your bathing suit to school and bring a beach towel.  If the weather cooperates, we’ll have some sprinklers going in the back yard and have a special pizza picnic to remember the day.

Graduation and our last day will be Wednesday June 5th.  It’s a very informal ceremony but Pomp and Circumstance always makes me teary!!  We also give the books we’ve been working on all year and look at them together.

Always feel free to call or email me throughout the summer..I check my email from home and welcome any communications from you.  There are still spots available in summer camp so if you’re interested, please see Pauline or Karen in the office.

Take care and always remember to cherish these times with your wonderful children..they are unique and very special!