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Lunch Guidelines

Lunch order forms usually go out two weeks before the start of a new month.

There are three lunch choices per day. Please circle the corresponding (H hot D deli sandwich or B bagel) on the days your child would like to receive lunch. A lunch form is required for each child however only one check per family is necessary.

As bagels are ordered on a daily basis, lunch orders handed in late may result in the lunch requested not being available.

If a child does not have a lunch with them and has not preordered for that day, a lunch is always offered to them.  A note or an email is then sent home and payment is expected for the lunch taken.

 If a child is absent, a credit may be taken, but only for the next month's order. It may not be taken the next day after an absence or any day within the same month   If a child is in school and brings their own lunch, a credit is not given.

While not encouraged, a second order of the main component may be ordered for an additional $2 per day. We do encourage the children to take fruit, salad, soup, and any of the vegetables offered.

Soup must be preordered for $1.   Please circle the soup on the days requested.

 As always water and milk are available to purchase for 50 cents, no preorder necessary.