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A Tradition of Excellence

A 2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

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Title Name Email
Principal Dr. Mark DeMareo
Supervisor of Curriculum /
Assistant to the Principal
Mrs. Alison Mitchell
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Pauline Nowak
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Karen Geltzeiler
School Nurse Mrs. Jane Borkoski


          Faculty Listing

Grade Teacher
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Director of Early Childhood Mrs. Jill Fulton
   PK4 - Day Mrs.Jill Fulton
   PK4 - Day Mrs. Lori Jarck
   PK5 - Day Mrs. Mary Sue O'Brien
   PK5 - Day Mrs. Jennifer Tracy
Kindergarten Mrs.Beverly McDonald
  Mrs. Rosemary Bell
First Grade Mrs. Robin Arnheiter
  Miss Melissa Enna
Second Grade Mrs. Nicole Huthwaite
  Mrs. Ellen Meehan
Third Grade Mrs. Kathleen Fry
  Mrs. Kathryn Eagles
Fourth Grade Mrs. Nicole Ariemma
  Mr. Christopher Miller
Religion Mrs. Kathy McConville
Fifth Grade Mrs. Mary DeBiasi
  Mrs. Carolyn Mulholland
Math Mrs. Irene Sikora
Sixth Grade Mrs. Kathy Chadwick
  Mrs. Maryjane Gallo
Religion Mrs. Kathleen McConville
Seventh Grade Mrs.Marcie Forsyth
  Mr. Michael McCue
7B Language Arts Mrs. Melanie Jaenicke
Eighth Grade Mrs. Anne McCullough
  Mrs. Michelle Tomaino
Religion Miss Geraldine Ciampoli
Math Mrs.Marcie Forsyth
Advanced Math Mrs. Kathy Chadwick
World Language Senora Carol Furlong
  Senora Jacqueline Saives
Special Subject Teacher        Email
Computers/Life Skills Mrs. Kim Clauss
Library/Media Center Miss Amy Evans
Physical Education Mr. Michael Feerst
Music Mr. Neil Brown
Art Mrs. Megan Peter
Guidance Counselor Mrs. Melanie Jaenicke
Academic Assistance  Mrs. Diane Kelly
   Mrs.Peggy Moody
  Mrs. Susan Ryerson
Network Administrator Mr. Robert Mustaro
Public Relations Coordinator Mrs. Teresa Makin
After School Care Program  Ms. Nory Martinez