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A Tradition of Excellence

A 2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence


The tradition of academic achievement at Holy Cross School can be traced to a one-room schoolhouse on the historic grounds of Holy Cross Parish in 1894.

This one-room schoolhouse continued to function on and off for many years, until a new, permanent school was opened in 1941, in the lower level of a private home purchased to house both a school and a convent for the Sisters of Mercy.

In 1953, the school again outgrew its walls and an entirely new building was created to accommodate more children and additional grades. The school was further enlarged in 1962.  Since then, Holy Cross School has continued to grow in capacity, services and excellence and was expanded again most recently in 2006, to include a media center, library, science lab and classrooms, as well as a gymnatorium!

This building filled with history, in which the Holy Cross School currently resides, remains on the very same campus, just steps from the shore, as the one little room that served as the intermittent post for a school in the 1800’s.