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Celebrating 75 Years of Catholic Education
Where Every Child's Light Shines

A 2015 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

  • Our student body celebrates the 75th Anniversary of Holy Cross School

  • We Are Holy Cross


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The Youth Ministry Wreath Sale is going on now!  Please stop by before and after all masses this weekend. Thank you for your continued support!





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Holy Cross PTA

  • 3rd Grade Thanksgiving Prayer Service

  • Kindness

  • 1st Grade Thanksgiving Feast

  • Annual PTA Gala

  • Thanksgiving Food Drive

  • 6th graders spreading kindness in Preschool

  • Candy Corn STEM Challenge

  • Baking Club

Coming Events

Mon Dec 5
» Cheerleading Practice 2:30-4:00; HC @ St. Leo 6:30pm JVB; 7:45pm VB
Tue Dec 6
» PTA Executive Board Meeting 9:00am; HC @ St. Leo 6:30pm JVG; 7:45pm VG
Wed Dec 7
» Cheerleading Practice 2:30-4:00
Thu Dec 8
» School Mass - Feast of the Immaculate Conception 9:00am; 8th grade Christmas bazaar set-up 2:30
Fri Dec 9
» 8th grade Christmas bazaar; Report Cards Issued
Sat Dec 10
» Genesis Parent Access re-opens today
Sun Dec 11
» HC @ St. Dominic 1:00pm VB; 2:15pm VG; 3:30pm BJV
Mon Dec 12
» Prospective Kindergarten Parent Information Meeting 8:30am; Cheerleading Practice 2:30-4:00
Tue Dec 13
» Christmas Pageant rehearsal 2:30-3:30; HC @ St. Dominic 6:30pm JVG
Wed Dec 14
» Human Body Assembly 8:30-9:15 Grades 6-8; Cheerleading Practice 2:30-4:00
Thu Dec 15
» Stations of the Creche 7:00pm(in Church)/Tree Lighting(refreshments in Gym)
Fri Dec 16
» School Penance 9:40-10:45
Sat Dec 17
» HC vs. St. Joseph 9:00am JVG; 10:15am JVB; 11:30am VG; 12:45 VB